Eje 01 – The Politics of the Plan

The Politics of the Plan looks at the way in which political ideologies – such as capitalism, communism, colonialism, patriarchy, racism, etc. – materialise at different scales, from the urban to the domestic, with a direct impact on the architectural plan and the different ways of inhabiting. The contributions that make up this edition explore the political and social dimension of spaces from architecture, urbanism, territory, art and the links between them.

The various creative formats, essays, conversations, cartographic and artistic practices, and podcasts, are organised into three “Ejes”: Urbanisation and Spatial Differentiation, Alternative Approaches for Uncertain Futures, and Inhabiting from the Body. Together, the contributions are situated in a broad and diverse context in Latin America and address common themes such as scale, accessibility, gender, society and environment.

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Contents and participants

1. Urbanisation and spatial differenciation

Teresa Ramírez Figueroa


Peter Krieger


Diane Davis in conversation with Eje

2. Alternative approaches for uncertain futures

Mauro Gil-Fournier

Gabriela Etchegaray

Pablo Brandolini Robertone

Victor M. Rico Espinola

3. Inhabiting from the body

Delmy Tania Cruz Hernández

Radio Fantasma

Brenda Isabel Pérez

Colectiva Callejeras



Castaña Arango Medina

Daniela Nuñez Ruiz

James O’Brien

Santiago Bonilla Hastings

ISSN: 2992-6777