Press, Publications & Exhibitions

  • New Architects 4, April 2021. O’Brien Van der Steen Workshops featured in the Architecture Foundation’s review of the best architectural practices established in the UK in the last 10 years. Link.
  • Arquine 94, Winter 2020. Essay: De-scaling: neighbourhood, culture and economy by James O’Brien. Link. In Spanish.
  • Architectural Review 1453 Furniture + AR House (July/August 2018). SKOLA Coffee and Wine featured in Emerging Architects. Link.
  • Vedomosti, Winter 2017. A piece by James O’Brien and Joseph Van der Steen on the social responsibilities relating to recuperation as opposed to demolition of urban housing in the context of the Moscow government’s decision to demolish vast swathes of 20th Century housing. Link. In Russian.