Eje 02 – Housing and the city

Housing, constituting around 70% of the urban fabric, is a vital component of the quality of life and well-being of city dwellers. Without stable, decent and healthy living conditions, people’s access and opportunities are significantly diminished, especially in the context of climate emergency. It is therefore imperative to reflect on the role that housing should play in our society.

This edition of Eje focuses on exploring the economic, technical, urban and emotional aspects of housing, as well as its impact on both an individual and collective level. At the same time, it analyses the various ways in which political, social and historical factors influence the configuration of housing in the city.

This edition includes contributions in the form of essays, case studies, poetry, artistic practice and projects and addresses concerns of a global nature alongside themes that relate specifically to the conditions in Mexico and Latin America.

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Contents and participants

Alejandro Leal Menegus

Athenea Papacostas

Carles Oliver Barceló

Coonvite Arquitectura Cooperativa

Entropía Arquitectura Adaptativa

Fernanda Chávez Pérez

Juan Carlos Cuock Espinosa

Lucía Martín López

Mariana Braga Martins

Matthieu Baumgarten

Onnis Luque

Rodrigo Durán López

Rosalba González Loyde

Tatiana Bilbao


Castaña Arango Medina

Daniela Nuñez Ruiz

James O’Brien

Santiago Bonilla Hastings

ISSN: 2992-6777