Courtyard House, London

2020 –

Location: London, UK

Type: Private residential

Status: Planning

Budget: £250,000


The house is a new two bedroom dwelling arranged around a courtyard garden located at the bottom of the garden of a semi-detached terraced house. The house is single storey, reducing the visual impact on the surrounding context and mirroring the heights of the garages and garden sheds that populate the gardens in the area. The house is faced with bagged brick, referencing the brick and rendered houses in the immediate context.

Arranged around a south facing courtyard garden with secondary patios and clerestories providing secondary light and views, the house is designed to meet the Lifetime Homes standards, allowing for later life and disabled occupation and access.

The open plan living spaces are complimented by ground floor bedrooms with built-in storage that can be adapted to form home offices or twin rooms, two bathrooms, off street parking, an electric vehicle charging point and a utility room. An extensive green roof is integrated across the majority of the flat roofs.

Alongside the urban intentions around suburban densification the proposals seek to provide a different type of dwelling and a genuinely inhabitable home.