SKOLA Furniture

2017 – 2018

Location: The Rustaveli Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia

Type: Renovation & re-use

Status: Complete

Budget: Not disclosed

As part of the project for SKOLA, we were commissioned to design bespoke furniture for the café. After extensive research as to the available products for fixtures and fittings, both locally and through importation, we found it was both more cost effective and possible to achieve a high quality of finish to design and fabricate bespoke light fittings and elements of sanitary-ware.

Working closely with local artisans and craftsmen, we developed a range of furniture and products using oak, copper and brass including door handles, taps, a sink, light fittings and switch plates alongside bespoke local (Dagestan) oak chairs, benches, stools and tables. Old toggle switches were sourced from a local market, Eliava.

The timber furniture referenced a simple, 3 legged Soviet stool known as a taburet.