Qvevri – Tkemlovana, Imereti

Georgia has a distinct and rich wine making heritage and is the country in which the oldest evidence of wine making has been found. The Georgian technique, where wine is made in clay pots placed in the ground to maintain a stable temperature produces a wine that is very different to that of the traditional methods of Europe, etc. The qvevri – the clay pots – that will be placed in the new qvevri house and winery we are building for Ethno Wines are being made in the village of Tkemlovana, Imereti by hand before being transported to site.

The clay around the village, whose main economy is the artesian production of qvevri, is ideally suited to the wine making process and as such, this mountain village has a long history of qvevri production. These photos were taken on a recent visit to Tkemlovana.