Housing, Del Valle, Mexico City

2023 –

Location: Del Valle, Mexico City

Type: Housing

Status: Concept design & feasibility

Budget: £1,600,000

In collaboration with taller de arquitectura sbh

The project consists of the adaptation and restructuring of an existing 1960s building in the Del Valle Centro neighbourhood in Mexico City. The building contains 10 refurbished apartments, a new penthouse apartment on the roof and commercial space and parking on the ground floor. The structure of the existing building is in good condition with various elements well cared for, as such, internally the project focuses on the rennovation of specific existing elements such as the wooden floors, the upgrading of the building services, kitchens and bathrooms, an internal reorganisation and opening up of some internal walls around the lightwells to allow more light to enter the centre of the plan. Externally, the existing curtain glazing façade is removed with new balconies being attached to the existing structrue to create protection from solar gain and extensive exterior spaces that run the length of both principal elevations.