Urban Courtyard Housing, León


Location: León, México

Type: Residential

Status: Competition – IMUVI León

36 social housing apartments of varying sizes organised around a shared central courtyard. Located next to another large housing block, the site presented various issues in relation to privacy and overlooking. The shared courtyard creates the maximum distance between the new and existing apartments on the neighbouring site whilst the circulation around the courtyard on the upper levels maintains their privacy whilst directing views to the park to the west. The circulation on the upper floors looking over the courtyard extend the shared, communal space vertically, creating a connection between the shared spaces on the ground and upper floors. The deliberate enlargement of this access encourages its use not merely as circulation but as an extension of the courtyard below and as an extension of the flats.

Each flat includes a terrace integrated into the building envelope as well as a patio providing natural light to the centre of the plan. The ground floor is given over to 4 small spaces for amenities and shops whilst further communal space is located on the roof. The building is drawn back from the street slightly to create a larger public space between building and park that is accentuated by a colonnade and the public/commercial aspects of the programme.

The structure is designed as a concrete frame with local ’tabique’ (brick) being used as the infill. Built-in planters provide shade, privacy and movement to the interior and exterior facades.

In collaboration with taller sbh &