Flexible Housing, Eivissa, Spain


Location: Eivissa, Spain

Type: Housing

Status: Competition

Budget: N/A

In collaboration with Taller de arquitectura sbh and Polen Paisaje

The proposals seek to develop a flexible form of affordable, accessible housing on the island of Eivissa, Spain. The programmatic arrangement is simple: public and community facilities on the ground floor, connecting the building to the new park on the doorstep of the development; on the first to fourth floor 2 – 3 bed apartments; and on the roof a series of 1 bed/studio flats and a shared roof terrace. The apartments are arranged so as to include terraces on both the exterior façade overlooking the park and deeper terraces overlooking the central, planted courtyard. These balconies/terraces provide solar shading as well as forming a strong connection with the exterior habitat and formenting a relatively exterior way of life within a large building.

The building is laid out on a 3.5m x 3.5m grid with the services for each apartment concentrated in the centre of the plan with the cores. A 2-bed apartment is made up of 5 and a half grid modules with the four modules at the edges of the plan possessing the felxibility to be used as living rooms, bedrooms, studios, etc. with direct access to the terraces on each side. The arrangement also allows for natural cross ventilation.