Housing, Polanco, Mexico City

2023 –

Location: Polanco, Mexico City

Type: Housing

Status: Concept design & feasibility

Budget: £3,000,000

In collaboration with taller de arquitectura sbh

The project consists of the adaptation and restructuring of an existing 1960s building in the Polanco in Mexico City. The building contains 18 apartments including two pent houses, a small cafe/restaurant on the ground floor and parking for the residents. Thhe project involved the careful restoration of original features, materials and finishes that are in good condition with clear interventions into the floor plan to alter the arrangement of the apartments. The internal reordering created efficiences in the plan that allowed for a terrace to integrated into the building fabric. The façade is restored and upgarded with solar shading elements. The roof will be developed to provide communal uses and facilities. The existing water tank will be enlarged and a rain water harvesting and filtration system installed to make the building semi-self-sufficient in terms of water use and photovoltaic panels will be installed on the roof.